Neuropsychology Associates has been caring for children and adults with brain-based disorders since 1987. Some of the common problems we assess and treat include:

  • *Alzheimer’s Disease
  • *Dementia
  • *Parkinson’s Disease
  • *Stroke
  • *Custody Evaluations
  • *Disability Evaluations
  • *Concussion
  • *Traumatic Brain Injury
  • *Learning Disabilities
  • *ADHD
  • *Educational Planning
  • *Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • *Depression
  • *Anxiety

In addition our doctors conduct Independent Medical, Vocational and Psychoeducational Evaluations as well as provide expert testimony on neurocognitive and psychological issues pertaining to:

  • *Legal Cases
  • *Workman’s Compensation
  • *Vocational Rehabilitation
  • *Court Ordered Evaluations
  • *Capacity Evaluations
  • *Fitness for Duty Evaluations
  • *FAA Medical Evaluations

Neuropsychological evaluation requires assessment of both cognitive and emotional process. This evaluation requires most of the entire day. Our services entail doing a full assessment that includes an interview, testing and a follow up appointment to discuss the findings. After the follow up appointment you may be referred to one of our staff who will assist you with the doctor’s recommendations.

Evaluation procedures will be individualized to meet the client’s specific needs. These will be detennined at the time of the evaluation and as the evaluation progresses. The neuropsychological evaluation is very thorough with an emphasis on quality and best practice standards. Due to recent changes in insurance coverage for neuropsychological evaluations (of psychoeducational disorders), providers are prohibited from billing for any portion of the evaluation that is not considered medically necessary.